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Michael’s class is an exciting exploration wonderfully suited for the actor at any stage or crossroad of post grad life. He creates a challenging and supportive environment for students to continue their acting training; his approach is practical, fulfilling, and revelatory. Acclimating to life as an actor after college can be overwhelming, and Michael’s class has been a welcome and wonderful addition to my life and my journey as an artist. My toolbox has greatly expanded after two rewarding sessions and I look forward to taking class with him again in the future.  

 - Katie Drinkard

Michael is the most brilliant instructor I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I would not be half the actor I am today if it weren't for his persistence, creativity, inspiration, and genuine care for my progress as an actor. He has a keen ability to seek out exactly what an actor needs in any scene or character, and then provide it without spoon-feeding you. I would (and do) recommend MSK to everyone that I can. Being a student of Michael's is the greatest gift you can give to your acting career.

- Kelly Fairbrother

Michael's approach to class is based on the individual. He takes the time to listen to, and more importantly understand, each actor's specific needs. The personal work I have witnessed and experienced is nothing short of groundbreaking and the work that Michael shepherds is long lasting. Michael's experience is invaluable and the trust he builds is priceless.  

 - Max Lorn-Krause

Working with Michael is always a challenging and invigorating experience. I know that he can push me beyond my limits and that I can trust him to guide me there. There is never a stupid question that can be asked, which gives everyone a chance to further dive into their craft without the hesitation that comes from feeling judged or inadequate. I love his class because no matter where you are in your career he will lead you where you need to be in order to get to the next level. I can't wait til I can take it again.

- Kathryn Allison

Taking Michael's class was one of the best decisions I've made since moving to NYC. He helped me to unlock and develop so many parts of my actor-self that I never knew existed. His passion and genuine care for each student is truly exceptional, and it was amazing to watch each of my classmates make breakthrough after breakthrough. I can't wait for the next session!  

 - Megan Beard

Michael helped me get back in touch with my imagination and connection to myself and others.  He understands both the nuts and bolts of storytelling and the keys to making it juicy and truthful. The exercises we explored left me feeling like I have approachable, activating tools to use on my own. Beyond that, Michael is generous with his time, incredibly insightful, and a skillful communicator.  

 - Hannah Dubner

Every actor is looking for their edge. Whether it's in auditions or in performance, we're all looking for the path that leads to acting that is more truthful and more fun. Michael's class offers not only this, but a new and brilliantly collaborative perspective on the art of theatre. His class is your way past blocks and into freedom onstage.  

 - Joseph Pietropaulo

Michael is one of the most impactful teachers I’ve ever worked with.  His class is built upon the essential foundations of acting and he guides his students into deep but tangible understanding and presence, ultimately helping them release into the character’s circumstance. His eye perceives the needs of his students so intelligently and intuitively.  He thoughtfully works step by step with his students as individuals to authentically strengthen the performance.  For me, Michael was a huge facilitator in helping me to realize my range, encouraging me to explore sides of myself that have not yet been tapped into during performance.  His instruction on how to break through habit and make new choices from new places in my body and point of view was incredibly exciting. His example inspired our whole class to make enormous strides.  Actors couldn’t be in better hands with Michael.

- Melanie Beck

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